"With all the background noise in
the digital arena, you need someone
to provide an answer that cuts to the
chase without techno babble.
Michael is that answer."

Andy Heyneman - President and CEO
Robbins Brothers Jewelers


Buying the Invisible

Our value is not what we provide, it’s what we can do for you.

You’re buying something that’s invisible, and that’s hard. You don’t care about us – you care about what we can do for you. So here are just a few of those things we can do for you.

Complete Analysis and Recommendations Reports

We’ve all been there. You’re so close to something that it’s impossible to step back and look at things from a different perspective. We can provide an analysis and recommendations report on your entire internet marketing focus or on specific components like obtaining more email opt-ins or ways to increase e-commerce.



From single sessions to monthly services, we provide training sessions for just about any internet marketing component you can think of. Do you need help understanding Google Analytics? What about how to create effective Twitter or Facebook ads? More reach with Facebook? What about a custom marketing plan for Instagram?

You can spend months reading how to do it, or you can schedule one of our screen sharing sessions and be up and running immediately.

Sessions start at $150 an hour with no other commitments. We can even record the audio and computer screen so you can come back to the sessions later!

Social Network Communications and Reporting

While we do social training and analysis too, we can take over your social marketing for you. Some of our clients have hundreds of thousands of fans and followers and there is a reason for that.

Most “social community managers” are doing three other jobs. They don’t have the time to stay on top of the changes for success. We thrive on building a successful social community for you and delivering a monthly analysis of the data.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is THE most effective marketing program that leads to sales for many companies. Building a large opt-in list and creating content that generates actions is one of our specialties. We can even manage the process for you.

Don’t Wait! Time’s a Wastin’

Before you know it a day turns into a week and a week turns into a month. You want results now so let’s do this. Contact us pronto and let’s talk.


Market In a Less Crowded Space

Detailed advice on using the fastest growing social channel to reach more people.
Examples of small business success stories.
Learn how to run your own Instagram contests.
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