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Five hundred million people are watching Facebook videos each day! The average viewer is watching approximately 12 minutes of video a day on Facebook.

News sites like Little Things and Mic have reported that 85% of their video views happen with the sound off. These companies upload hundreds of Facebook videos a year so their data is relevant to us as a whole.

Please keep in mind there are always exceptions to any research data. Many of my clients are musical instrument manufacturers so audio can be an integral part of the video experience. But, the large number of no-audio videos does highlight some things to keep in mind when defining your video strategy.

Get their attention with motion or an eye catching image immediately. Remember the sound will be off, so as people scroll their newsfeed, your video starts to auto play. You need something eye catching right away to grab attention so you might consider using motion immediately in your video.

If audio is in integral part of your video, ask them in a caption to click to un-mute the audio. Test this and see if it works. I explain how to look at this data shortly.

If possible, your video needs to work with no audio at all. So don’t rely on that great music track to build emotion all by itself. Adding graphics and sub-titles is a good idea. You can add subtitles in the advertising section of Facebook too in case your video doesn’t currently have sub-titles.

Keep sub-titling in mind when you or your videographer is shooting. Think of the lower half of the screen a place where you don’t want to include critical visual information that will conflict with the text.

Test the length of your videos. Try different video lengths and see if you can increase video watch times with some clever editing. The Ad Manager lets you look at various view times for your videos. And how do you tell if someone has turned the audio on? Select this metric in Customized Reports in the Ad Manager called “Click to Play.”


Feature a video on your Facebook page. Select the Videos tab and click on “Add Featured Video.” You can see the featured video under the profile image. Here is one Starburst is featuring.

featured video
Include a hyperlink to your website in the copy of the video ad. Most people don’t click other than to un-mute a video. Give them a link in the copy to make this easy. I’ve seen click through rates triple with this simple technique.

Show ad campaigns to people that watched your video. Facebook builds audiences from your video ad of people that watched a few seconds of your video and people that watched the entire video. Optimize for web clicks or conversions to drive these people to your website. You can choose this audience when setting up a new ad. Choose people that watched the entire video for more qualified targeting.

Facebook has been testing the ability to build audiences to market to from various forms of engagement such as people that watched 50% of a video. Hopefully this feature will be rolled out in full soon.

Video has never been more important for marketing and selling. For me, remarketing (serving up ads to people that took some action previously) is the only way to generate revenue from Facebook advertising.

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