Common SEO Questions – Expert Interview With Chris Sharp

Chris Sharp is an SEO expert. He founded his company SharpNet Solutions before Google launched their search engine. He’s been doing this a while.

The first time I talked to him on the phone I was extremely impressed with his work ethics and how he runs his business.

He told me that the SEO industry has some very dirty characters conducting business with unsuspecting customers. He vows never to be that company.

He provides performance guarantees and allows a client to walk away at any time. Who is this guy?

Chris was kind enough to talk to me about some of the most common questions people have about SEO.

How do people know they need to get some help?

Simple Answer

“If a website is not ranked in the first 5 positions for the majority of major search phrases relating to the products/services sold, then it needs SEO.”

Long Answer

“The internet is a major marketing force, with Google alone producing 3.5 billion searches per day. A large percentage of these searches are for commerce purposes.

“Due to the nature of what a search engine is, these commerce searches place websites in front of the people who are considering making an acquisition.

“In order to take advantage of the marketing opportunity that search engines provide, a website must maintain competitive search engine rankings for relevant search phrase.

“If a business’ website is not generating sales and/or sales leads from the search engine, then it is an indication that its search presence is weak or that the website is dysfunctional.

“A business owner can attempt to search for their own company by using search phrases that represent the products/service they sell. If their website cannot be readily found, then SEO is needed to improve the overall search presence of the website.

“Even if the website can be readily found, it still may need to be evaluated and improved.”


What questions should someone ask an SEO service company?

“There are two primary concerns to address when considering an SEO firm. (1) bottom-line results and (2) damage to your website.”

Bottom Line Results

“Look for case studies, example ranking reports and other signs that the SEO firm regularly produces strong improvements for their clients.

“This not only means improved keyword rankings, but increased traffic and of course bottom-line sales. Sales, after all, is what marketing is all about. Don’t be dazzled by fancy talk, graphs, blog posts, etc.

“In the end, did the bottom line improve? Look for many case results and not just one or two. You want to see that this company is good, not lucky.”

Damage To Your Website

“Many SEO firms try to cheat the system, producing high volumes of low-quality links, poor content or other tasks that are unacceptable to Google.

“It is imperative that the SEO firm that you hire be a “white-hat” SEO firm, where they abide by Google’s Webmaster guidelines and other SEO best-practices.

“Learn what the SEO firm’s link building practices are, inquire about penalties that their clients may have received and review the work performed on their client’s websites.

“Does it look like SEO work was executed? How good does it look? Again, they should be able to provide many examples, and not just one perfect case result. They need to be habitual with success.”

What are some ballpark prices people should expect to pay for SEO?

“Pricing varies significantly depending on the size of the company/website being addressed as well as the competitiveness of the industry.

“A small business serving a local community, like a dentist, should anticipate spending from $300/mo to $1,000/mo depending on their level of aggressiveness.

“A large corporate environment, serving a large region or an entire country should anticipate spending $1,000/mo and on up to $5,000/mo.

“If you come across very low-end pricing then you will be receiving a low-end service. For example, there are $50/mo SEO solutions out there. Generally one of two things will happen with a low-end SEO solution: (1) nothing will happen or (2) there will be damage to your website.

“SEO takes work and there is a minimum amount of work that is required in order to receive success. There are no magic buttons, SEO secrets or shortcuts. Your SEO should be more grit than glamour.”

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More About Chris Sharp And SharpNET Solutions

Chris Sharp is the owner and founder of SharpNET Solutions, Inc., a company specializing in search engine marketing. Older than Google, SharpNET is one of the most experienced SEO firms in the world.

SharpNET has won multiple business awards and serves over 300 clients throughout the U.S. ranging from SOHO to Fortune 500 companies.

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