Boost Your Marketing With 360 Degree Videos

Would you like a competitive edge with your video marketing? How about a 360 degree view of your content that the viewer can control? Engagement to increase interest is the name of the game in marketing these days and 360 degree videos are definitely fun to watch and interact with.

These videos are easier to make than you might think with more camera options hitting the market each month. Now that Facebook supports the format they may just provide a boost to marketing and sales.

What is a VR-Style 360 degree video?

The videos are shot with a full 360 degree perspective using an array of cameras fixed in a housing to insure complete coverage. When the video is played you can pan left or right in a complete 360 degree circle allowing complete user control of the viewing angle.

GoPro 360 housing

Facebook has been investing heavily in video features and technology over the past years. They rolled out support in September for desktop and Android and just announced iOS support for 360 degree video content. YouTube got a jump on Facebook announcing support back in March of this year.

Third party video editing software or software embedded in the 360 cameras allows stitching the various video streams together into one file. Facebook is working with the camera companies to provide a “Publish to Facebook” feature inside the hardware units which makes it very easy to publish videos.

Companies are scrambling to provide various options in cameras and editing software. Pros of course are going to want to edit on the computer.

What can you do with 360 degree videos? As with all tools, starting with the goal instead of the technology is always a good plan. Keeping people engaged with your videos for sales, show off product features or provide education are some obvious goals.

You could take a tour through your brick and mortar store which allows users to explore your products, retail space and any other areas such as a listening room for audiophile products.

Do you have a veterinary practice with state of the art technology? Show of your equipment with a walk through using 360 degree video.

Do you record videos for your band? Let’s say you have an acoustic guitar trio and a singer. Put a camera in the middle, provide the mix feed and allow viewers to scroll through each performer.

A realtor could provide increased interest by providing walk through tours of houses for sale with 360 degree video. Any time you have subject matter that provides interest in a wider view, you might consider the technique.

One thing is for sure, the right content can certainly get interest and keep people engaged because it’s fun to pan around and look at the different views available.

Don’t forget those messages to remind people to come to your site and check out your products or services.

Click on the image below to watch Ronnie Renner’s massive dune jumps and click and drag (or hold and drag on your phone) to pan left or right. Depending on your mobile device and software version you may need to view the video on your computer.


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