"With all the background noise in
the digital arena, you need someone
to provide an answer that cuts to the
chase without techno babble.
Michael is that answer."

Andy Heyneman - President and CEO
Robbins Brothers Jewelers

About Us

“You can never learn anything by listening to yourself speak.” – Richard Branson

We’d like to add to this, “unless you are asking questions.”

The first thing we do is immerse ourselves in your business and your customers. Only then can we propose that we work together.

It’s our job to remove the stress of collaboration.

So kick off your shoes and read on, even though we would rather talk about you.

About Michael Newman

I’ve been involved in product marketing and management for 18 years and held senior management roles in the musical instrument industry working for companies such as Digidesign (Avid), Loud Technologies, KRK Systems and Gibson.

I’ve been grateful to NAMM for letting me speak at the shows and highlight my presentations for the Retail Boot Camp sessions a few years ago.

Because of my love for data analysis (you can feel sorry for me, it’s okay) and marketing, I started this company in 2009 to help others with this constantly evolving landscape we call internet marketing.

I LIVE to find new strategies or tools that can help my clients increase revenue. I pour through the marketing blogs, books and newsletters to always stay on top of this insanity so you don’t have to.

Tick Tock

Let’s get started on changing things for the better AND let’s do it right now. Use the Contact button below to send us an email or call 760 566-6998.

It’s your future. Let’s figure it out together.


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