"With all the background noise in
the digital arena, you need someone
to provide an answer that cuts to the
chase without techno babble.
Michael is that answer."

Andy Heyneman - President and CEO
Robbins Brothers Jewelers

As Lewis said to Clark, “Can you swim? We better get some help.”

Swimming Lessons Made Easy

Come On In, The Water’s Fine

Do you feel like you are drowning in data but starved for insight? Does it feel like you are swimming upstream against the constantly changing current of internet marketing?

Our services empower, save precious time and build confidence so you can tackle internet strategies like an Olympic swimmer.

You’ll feel the confidence and know exactly where you want to go and how to get there.

I Know How You Feel

Years ago I was in your shoes hearing the marketing agency pitches on the other side of the table. I was horrified at the vague promises and pompous claims.

I vowed never, ever to be like those companies because I wanted to provide value and lots of it.

My company has developed a deep knowledge base that can help you – and we learned a valuable lesson along the way.

Our Secret Weapon

Our secret weapon is simple. We’re very good listeners. We spend as much time as it takes asking questions and learning about your business and your challenges.

Then we define a plan that exactly meets your expectations and budget based on years of experience.

Introducing Internet Marketing Services For Any Business

Here are just some examples of custom plans created for others:

  • Single one-time training sessions for Google Analytics
  • Email marketing strategies that increase revenue
  • Full service social site monitoring, communication and analysis reports
  • Overviews and custom plans on using the right social sites for a specific business
  • How to increase reach with a Facebook business page
  • Ways to use Instagram sweepstakes to build email opt ins
  • Creating landing pages that are dialed in for conversions
  • How to change website copy to increase sales
  • A complete internet marketing analysis of your business with recommendations.

There is more but you get the idea. We are “all things internet marketing.”

You Don’t Need Us

That’s right. You can fill in the blanks on your own but that requires free time and lots of it. You still wouldn’t have our experience of helping many different types of companies either.

And by the time you feel ready to implement your plan, the speeding internet bullet is out of site again.

How nice would it be to have solutions served up on a silver platter from someone who’s developed a big knowledge bank to pull from, right?

Don’t Believe Me

We have many happy customers and they don’t mind talking to others about the services we have provided. We’ll hook you up. You should be skeptical. We’ve cleaned up in the wake of some really bad marketers in the past.

Just Jump On In

With everything from one hour sessions to regular services, we’ve got everything covered. The only thing you have to invest in is a few minutes to talk with me on the phone.

So please go to the contact form and send me an email and let’s get started – or call me at 760 566-6998. You’ll be navigating these currents like a pro in no time.

  • With his broad-ranging background, Michael brings valuable insights from both the manufacturer’s and marketer’s perspective. This is especially crucial in a fast-moving and ever-changing digital world: Michael’s clients can count on him to provide the most current information as he advises them on best practices and smart strategies.

    – Jon LevyPremier Guitar and PremierGuitar.com / Publisher
  • Michael doesn't sit with his finger on the pulse of social media, he jogs alongside it with a full ECG machine! You need someone like him in your corner to face the fast paced, ever changing Social Media challenge.

    Jules StandenGearslutz.com Founder/Owner
  • Michael Newman is a great resource for all things Social Media Marketing. He's truly a master of his craft.

    Vlad Belonozhko1964Ears

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